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Precautions for choosing door closers

By Emerson Zhang - 3 Jul 2023 268 0 comments

Product feature selection:
Door closers have the functions of closing and locking the door. The functions that need to be purchased include delay, buffer, door stop, door fixing, and door closing force adjustment. the

Delay function: When closing the door, it needs a longer closing time to allow people or objects to pass through, such as occasions where old people and children often enter and exit. Suitable for public places and homes. It is not applicable to occasions with special safety requirements. the

Buffer function: suitable for occasions where there are walls or objects behind the door, to avoid hitting objects behind the door when the door is opened too fast. the

Door stop function: It is suitable for indoor occasions such as family or office meeting rooms, which is convenient for relatively dense flow of people to pass or clean. It is not suitable for occasions with safety and fire protection requirements. Door closing force adjustment function: suitable for occasions where the size or weight of the door cannot be determined in advance. the

Use occasion Use temperature Use frequency

Indoor: Home, office, conference room and other ordinary occasions: generally use small models with door stop function, because: 1. The door opening and closing force is small, which can be easily opened for children and the elderly, and the noise when closing the door is also small; 2. The home often needs to be cleaned and ventilated, so it is best to choose a door closer with a door-stop function; 3. The small size of the door closer is also relatively small, and it is also beautiful when installed on the door; 4. Because it has a certain decorative effect, Choose products with exquisite and elegant appearance and surface decoration; 5. Because of the high indoor temperature, choose ordinary hydraulic oil; 6. The price is cheap; 7. Generally choose parallel or slide rail installation. the

For high-end occasions such as hotels: 1. Choose products with exquisite and luxurious appearance and surface decoration; 2. For the purpose of anti-theft, it is best not to use the door stop function, and if necessary, you can use a door closer with a delay function; 3. Because the indoor temperature is high, ordinary hydraulic oil is used; 4. Generally, parallel or slide rail installation is used. the

Outdoor: 1. For the purpose of anti-theft, it is better not to use the door closer function, if necessary, you can choose a door closer with a delay function; 2. The outdoor temperature is low, so choose a door closer with low condensation hydraulic oil; 3. .The frequency of use is high, so it is necessary to choose products that have passed the life test.

Installation method The choice of accessories:
When purchasing a door closer, it is necessary to determine the installation method in order to purchase accessories: standard installation and upper door frame installation do not require special accessories; parallel installation requires the purchase of parallel plates; slide rail installation requires the purchase of slide rails and corresponding rocker arms. In addition, general accessories include: cover (covered outside the door closer), installation pad (pad under the door closer, suitable for fence doors)

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