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Types of door closers

By Emerson Zhang - 18 Jul 2023 259 0 comments

Door closers are an essential part of most buildings. These small hardware ensure that the door closes quickly once opened, an important safety measure that helps prevent the spread of smoke and fire when installed on fire doors. Door closers are also essential for access control and can be used to provide extra privacy, help eliminate noise pollution and maintain room temperature.

There are many types of door closers, each better suited to a specific application, door weight and door width. From concealed door closers that are perfect for a discreet look to magnetic door closers that can be connected to a building's fire and security systems.

Elevated Door Closer

Overhead door closers are the most popular type of door closers you will see on commercial, industrial and even residential properties. Also known as surface mount door closers as the name suggests, these door closers are mounted on the surface of the door or door frame. Overhead door closers come in a variety of sizes, designs and finishes to better suit a variety of environments. These door closers can be categorized by strength or mounting options.

1. Heavy-duty  door closer

Heavy-duty door closers are designed for large doors up to 1,400mm in width and 120kg in weight, these best selling door closers are size 5 door closers, perfect for doors up to 110kg in width and 1,250mm in weight.

2. Medium-duty door closer

The medium door closer is ideal for doors weighing up to 80kg and widths up to 1100mm.

3. Small door closer

Light door closers can be used for lighter and smaller doors with a width not exceeding 950 mm and a weight not exceeding 60 kg.

4. Conventional arm closer

A traditional arm door closer has a pull side application and two arms - one attached to the door frame and the other attached to the box spring. When closed, the arm extends from the door.

5. Sliding arm door closer

Also known as parallel arm door closers, sliding arm door closers have two arms that sit on top of the door when closed. These are visually more discreet than regular arm closers.

6. Top door frame door closer

Top jamb mounted door closers have a spring box mounted on the door frame and an arm on the door itself. Similar to regular arm-style door closers, top jamb door closers also have arms that extend perpendicular from the door.

7. Hidden door closer

When the door is closed, the concealed door closer is invisible, which makes the concealed door closer more attractive and less prone to damage than other door closers. Concealed door closers can be equipped with spring loaded or hydraulic mechanisms

8. Floor spring

Floor spring door closers are most commonly used on glass doors because they are completely hidden from the floor. Floor springs are ideal for residential and commercial properties where door closers need to be completely concealed.

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