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Emerson Zhang

Emerson Zhang

Emerson Zhang

Emerson Zhang

Door closer installation, door closer oil leakage repair method!

Door closers are divided into exterior-mounted and hidden-type, and the most commonly used is the ex..

What are the requirements for the use of door closers in the United States?

In the United States, the standard for the use of door closers depends on the location of the buildi..

Types of door closers

Door closers are an essential part of most buildings. These small hardware ensure that the door clos..

The difference between electric door closers and hydraulic fire door closers

The electric door closer is different from the hydraulic fire door closer, it combines the functions..

Fire door closers are very important

Now in shopping malls, the normally closed fire doors of high-rise safety exits often become "normal..

Precautions for choosing door closers

Product feature selection: Door closers have the functions of closing and locking the door. The fun..

What should be paid attention to when installing the door closer?

1. Read the installation manual before installation; 2. Install according to the steps and requir..

Where should door closers be installed?

There are fire protection, anti-theft, national mandatory requirements, and automatic and intelligen..

How to choose a suitable door closer?

Choose a suitable door closer according to the conditions of use. For example, in northern regions o..

What problems should be paid attention to when choosing a door closer?

Before choosing a door closer, you should consider: your door weight, door width, door opening frequ..

The role of the door closer

The modern hydraulic door closer (referred to as the door closer) began with a patent registered by ..

Use, maintenance and repair of door closers

When the newly installed door closer is used for about one week to 10 days, all screws should be che..

How to install the door closer?

The most commonly used door closers are external door closers, and their installation methods are as..

Working principle of door closer

The basic components of the hydraulic door closer include support guides, transmission gears, return..

How to choose a high-quality fire door?

The flame retardant time of different fire doors in fire scenes is also different, so the effects ar..

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